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bit-labsThe BitCraft-labs.gr is a new amateurish web-site mostly dedicated to the development of free and open-sourced software for everyone.

My main motive is my love for personal computers and their inner technology. The software is developed in my spare time and not under any pressing time limits. And just because passion springs from the pleasure that the development of original applications offers, in BitCraft-labs.gr pages you will find truely useful software, for many of the known development platfroms, mostly for our age's mainstream, the world wide web, and spesifically for the content management system Elxis CMS. From my interests of course is not excluded Linux, the "heart" of the open-sourced software community, while any Windows applications that are hosted here will certainly nettle your interest.

In the near future I hope I host also software addressed to the all new mobile market, as the potentials of the Android OS are amazing.

As recently I had the chance of getting an Adruino board, I will defently host my work on this open-hardware platform.

We hope that you will enjoy the user experience of our software, as much as we enjoyed creating it...

Apostolos K. Koutsoulelos

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